We'd like to invite parents of middle & high school students to be a part of a small group here at The Seed Church called The Parent's Booster Club. Parents meet in the TSC bookstore & cafe on Wednesday nights while students meet for service. This is a great place to connect with other parents who serve God and are facing some of the same parenting challenges! The group studies different parent curriculum and also plans out fundraising opportunities to help send students on trips throughout the year. Click here for more information



Teen Safe | Tech Safety

This is an awesome guide to tech safety for parents of teens. It clearly describes the dangers they are facing online and on their phones and safe guards you can easily put in place.

PluggedIn Media Review

This is a wonderful resource for all types of media. They review and rate content for Movies, Music, Television, and Video Games. They provide a clear perspective and use a 5 star rating system for family friendliness.

Teen Safe - Monitor Cell Phone Activity

This is an excellent resource! It is software to allow parents to monitor their teen’s cell phone activities. Watch this video for more information:

Focus on The Family - Parents

This is an excellent resource on a variety of topics parents will face with teens. From driving, relationships, money, etc...