Parent & Child Dedication

We've designed a Parent | Child dedication ceremony in order to place special value and attention on what it means to commit your child to the Lord. We've changed the name from "baby dedication" to "parent/child dedication" to clarify what happens during this ceremony.  We believe that it's the parents responsibility to raise their child according to the Bible. As a church, it's our job to give parents the tools and support to do this to the best of their ability.

As a parent, your role in your child's relationship with God is crucial. They will grow up learning and imitating from you! What will they learn from you about God? About Heaven? About love? 

We believe the purpose of this ceremony is for parents to make a commitment before God and their child to raise them in a way that honors God!

Remember, you are not alone. That's what church is for! Support, family, friends, and prayer. Here at The Seed Church we invest the BEST in children. We believe that God LOVES children and He wants them to know Him as Father, comforter, provider, and most importantly - best friend! We make a commitment to partner with you in teaching them about God and His Word.