Our Pastors

Founding Pastor
Datha Thomas

Pastor Datha Thomas was raised in the church. As a child, however, she became bitter toward God because of countless tragedies in her life. It was not until the age of 30 that she made a quality decision to go after the Lord wholeheartedly and be completely sold out to Him. The Seed Church was birthed out of Pastor Datha’s obedience to God and her desire to please Him. Her ministerial gifts were developed over the years under the mentorship of Reverend Emmanuel Dorgbadzi.

Pastor Datha has a heart for God’s children and is drawn to missions. She travels the globe declaring the Word of God in Ghana, Thailand, Canada, Ukraine and Mexico. She is known as a firecracker in the pulpit. Her sermons are practical and honest. She has the unique gift of helping others discover their gifts and callings, so they can walk in the fullness of what God has in store for them. The living, powerful and uncompromising Word of God she preaches exposes the religious traditions of bondage and frees the people to serve and worship God with a new enthusiasm.

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Lisa and Kempie Womble

Pastors Lisa and Kempie began their life together at the age of 15. Getting married while still in college, they both chose careers that would allow them to help people. Pastor Kempie has been described as Andy Griffith on muscle milk. He is a BIG guy with a BIG heart. He has been a cop, insurance adjustor, business owner, and football coach. in 1995, he closed his business and became the administrator at The Seed Church.

Pastor Lisa, like most women is a little more complex. After 22 years of being a Certified Wound Care Nurse and studying under her mother, Datha Thomas she was able to follow her passion and become a pastor. In 2010 she transitioned from helping people with external wounds to providing people with knowledge, treatment, and prescriptions for internal wounds.

Together they are pastoring a church that is passionate about reaching the "un-churched" and exists
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